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*Interesting information regarding Hajj*

By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmaani

Question: It is generally presumed that the Hajj performed on a Friday is called “Haj-e-Akbar” and that it is a more meritorious Hajj as compared to the Hajj performed on any other day of the week. What is the correct meaning of “Haj-e-Akbar” and it’s status in terms of the Shariah?

Answer: The term used in the Glorious Quraan “Al Hajjul-Akbar” does not mean a Hajj performed on a Friday, as is generally alleged by the people. The Qur’aan has used this term for the Hajj performed by the Muslims under the supervision of Sayyidina Abu Bakr (radhiallaahu-anhu) in the year 9 A.H., one year prior to the last Hajj of Nabi (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam). This Hajjul-Akbar (in 9A.H.) was not even performed on a Friday, yet the Quraan refers to it as “Al Hajjul-Akbar”. It is therefore evident from the above that this term has no relevance to the Hajj performed on a Friday.

The correct meaning of the term, as explained by a large number of the commentators of the Glorious Qur’aan is that, the UMRAH was generally called “Al Hajjul-Asghar” (the minor Hajj). In order to distinguish Umrah from Hajj, the latter (i.e. HAJJ) was named “Al Hajjul Akbar” (the greater Hajj). Therefore, every Hajj is a “Al Hajjul-Akbar” whether it is performed on a Friday or on other day.


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