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Urdu-Audio-Hajj and Umrah,step by step

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[A]2.= Hajj tracker-Google Map=

[B] Hajj step by step=


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In below,you have to just click for the whole day(day1,day2…etc.) work.



  Chapter 1 Hajj Ki Farziyath
  Chapter 2 Hajj Aur Umrah Ki Fazeelath
  Chapter 3  Hajj Ki Ahmiyath
  Chapter 4 Hajj Aur Umrah Quran Ki Roshni Mai
  Chapter 5 Hajj Ki Sharaayet.mp3
  Chapter 6 Meeqaat Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 7 Ihraam Ki Qismein
  Chapter 8 Hajj Ki Niyyat Ko Umrah May Badalna
  Chapter 9 Ihraam Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 10 Haalath-E-Ihraam May Jayez Umoor
  Chapter 11 Haalath-E-Ihraam May Mumnu Umoor
  Chapter 12 Fidya Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 13 Talbiyah Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 14 Makkah e Mukarramah Aur Masjid e Haraam may Daaqil Honay Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 15 Tawaaf Ki Iqsaam
  Chapter 16   Tawaaf Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 17 Haaji Par Kitnay Tawaaf Waajib Hain
  Chapter 18 Saee Kay Masaayel
  Chapter 19 Haaji Par Kitni Saee Wajib Hai
  Chapter 20 Ayyaam E Hajj
[Part – A] 8th Zilhajj – Mina
[Part – B] 9th Zilhajj – Arafah
[Part – C] 9th Zilhajj – Muzdalifah
[Part – D] 10th Zilhajj

  Chapter 21 Jamrah e Uqba Ki Rami
  Chapter 22 Qurbaani
  Chapter 23 Halq Aur Qasr
  Chapter 24 Tawaaf e Ziyaarah
  Chapter 25 Ayyaam E Tashreeh
  Chapter 26 Tawaaf E Widaa
  Chapter 27 Khawateen Ka Hajj
  Chapter 28 Bacchey Ka Hajj
  Chapter 29 Hajj E Badal
  Chapter 30 Makkah E Mukharramah Ki Hurmath
  Chapter 31 Madina E Munnawarah Ki Hurmath
  Chapter 32 Masjid E Nabawi Ki Ziyarat
  Chapter 33 Qabar Mubarak Nabi SAW Ki Ziyarat
  Chapter 34 Masjid e Quba Ki Ziyarat
  Chapter 35 Qabroon Ki Ziyarat
  Chapter 36 Khutbaat Hajjatul Wida
  Chapter 37 Mutafarriq Masaayel
  Chapter 38 Quran Aur Masnoon Duas

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